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Brian C Jensen : The Connection Between Financial Wellness and Health

Brian C Jensen

Most Americans worry a lot about money matters due to their daily expenses, future investments, sudden bills, and others. But like any other stress, money-related tension can hurt your physical health. You may wonder how, while the truth is, financial fitness and physical well-being depend on each other. If you want to lead a better and healthy life, learn to manage your stress. It can be challenging to attune yourself to new habits. However, continuous practice and attention can pave the way.

Dealing with financial stress

As Brian C Jensen puts it, face your problems with a calm mind, and search for a solution. You can go back to your current investment plan to ensure everything is all right or take professional help with finances. If you operate from stress and anxiety, you can develop specific physical symptoms that don’t reflect immediately. They can potentially lead to long-term effects, such as high blood pressure, obesity, fatigue, etc. Due to these conditions, you can end up compromising with your decision-making. It is essential to remind that stressing causes more stress. How you respond to a specific situation can have a lasting impact on your health and ability to solve the problem.

Building healthy habits

Whether you have a health plan or not, you can start with daily exercises, a balanced diet, and monitoring your physical and mental wellness. You can pursue hobbies that make you happy and active. In times of stress, you can fall back on them to find relief. However, beware of avoiding morning fitness regime or indulging in overeating; it can be detrimental to your health.

In the same breath, you will have to be heedful about your financial habits. Brian C Jensen says you need a wholesome financial plan to create wealth. A proper plan can help you increase your savings. A plan can give you the strength to handle any stress caused by financial vulnerabilities, such as sudden diagnosis of any illness, economic meltdown, loss of wages, etc. For this, you need to prioritize your responsibilities and decide your goals. Find out whether you need money for college education, retirement, and so on. It can help you draw an investment strategy based on the time you can afford to generate more income.

Keeping up with long-term financial wellness and physical fitness goals

Brian C Jensen adds that you don’t have to micromanage everything just because you have a plan. While physical and financial health should be your priority, you need to take care of your everyday actions to keep up with the ultimate goal. Suppose you come across an excellent short-term investment opportunity. It can be tempting to explore. But when you get distracted from your long-term plans, you essentially sabotage the very foundation of your daily activities.

So, if you want to live a healthy life in its full sense, make sure to check your fitness and spending habits. Credit cards and other short-term financial instruments can look attractive. But by the end of it all, you can still be in a fix.

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