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Brian C. Jensen

about Brian C. Jensen

Brian C. Jensen has over a decade’s worth of experience in the management consulting sector. As the CEO of Legacy Global Consulting, Inc., Brian has provided numerous domestic and global clients with professional expertise and advice in areas such as digital transformation, strategy, marketing, information technology, human resources, governance, risk management, finance and organization design.

In his work, he has aided executives, organizations and leaders from various industries.  As the CEO, Brian exemplifies traits of kindness, integrity and compassion to effectively lead his team to success. He has proved in both his personal and professional life a commitment and dedication to serving his clients.

About the Brian C. Jensen Grant

Brian’s passion for helping individuals and companies, however, is not limited to the consulting sector; he is also extremely passionate about sharing his success with those less privileged than he. Brian acknowledges that his education has played a big part in helping him realize his potential. Therefore, among the many philanthropic initiatives he has taken to give back is supporting students from low-income backgrounds through various scholarships, give backs, and grants. Due to rising college tuition costs throughout the United States, many talented and motivated students are held back from pursuing an education because they lack the financial means. The Brian C. Jensen Grant is a one-time financial aid of $1,000 offered to international students from Denmark studying at a United States university.

Eligibility Details

The Brian C Jenson Grant is a merit-based award wherein a total amount of $1,000 will be offered to one undergraduate student


Deadline Date: 1st June 2021

Announcement Date: 15th of June 2021.


An essay of 700-850 words must be composed answering the following question: ‘Business and Economic Lessons that the US Could Learn from Denmark’.(800-word max)

How to Apply:


To be considered for the award, please provide the necessary details as noted below via email.  Attach your essay (via WORD-DOC) to the email, and submit to:


Complete Name:

Phone Number:

Mailing Address:

Email Address:

Graduation Date:

University of Attendance:

Current GPA:

The winning applicant will be notified by email.  He/she must accept the award within 10 days of notification.  The $1000 award will be transferred directly to the student’s financial aid account.