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Care for your wellbeing in self-quarantine by following the tips from Brian C Jensen

Brian C Jensen

The widespread lockdown imposed by governments and the advisory for self-quarantine. Has created a new kind of lifestyle that poses various health challenges while ensuring safety from contracting the infection. That spreads through droplets during coughing or sneezing. As fitness centers and gyms remain closed, the options for individuals to engage in exercise are no more available. At the same time, staying home for prolonged periods poses a big challenge for remaining physically active. Health problems might increase due to a sedentary lifestyle, which can have other adverse effects. On mental health and affect the quality of life and wellbeing of individuals. According to Brian C Jensen, physical activity and relaxation techniques. Can help you remain calm and continue to protect your health during a difficult time.

Vigorous physical activity for 75 minutes a week or 150 minutes of moderate-intensity. Physical activity is the recommendation from WHO for individuals that stay under self-quarantine. A combination of both is also possible. Luckily, you can achieve these recommendations at home with limited space and no special equipment.

Follow the tips below to avoid sedentary behavior and stay active while staying confined. At home in your effort to keep safe from the coronavirus. 

Take brief active breaks during the day, says Brian C Jensen 

If you find it challenging to create and follow a fixed routine of exercises at a specified time of the day you can still manage. To achieve the recommended target of physical activity by engaging in short bouts of physical activity during the day. It is not necessary to complete your session in one go, but instead, there are so many other ways to stay active. For example, doing domestic chores like gardening and cleaning. And playing with children is excellent means of staying active at home.


You need not come out from your home to walk but instead walk inside your home by taking multiple rounds. From one end to another or walking on the spot like a mime actor to fulfill your target of physical activity. The simplest way is to walk around while you are taking a call instead of sitting down. If you have the scope of going out for a walk, maintain the physical distance of at least a meter with people around you. 

Stand up

Sitting at a place for too long damages your health, and to avoid it. Ensure that you often stand up at your place to break the cycle and give your body the necessary relief from the continuous stress of sitting.  Have a plan to maintain a cycle of sitting and standing every 30 minutes, and another option is to use a high table or setting up a standing desk. At the same time, engage in cognitively stimulating activities like reading, puzzles, and board games.

While engaging in physical activity, do not ignore the aspect of mental health that needs equal attention. Keep your mind under control by taking measures that help to keep it calm, like practicing meditation and taking deep breaths.

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